About Us

Depending on who you ask, the word ‘kai’ bears meaning in many different ways. If you asked the company’s founders they would tell you it’s their namesake, meaning ‘victory’ in Chinese. However, to the Navajo it means ‘tree’. To the Burmese, it means ‘strong’. In both Hawaiian and Japanese, it means ‘ocean’. To the native Maori of New Zealand, ‘kai’ means ‘food’, and to the Swedish, it means ‘rejoice’. Regardless of where in the world you’re reading this from, LIFE by Kai is inspired by just that – LIFE via the strength of the trees, the force of the ocean, and the glory of the ground beneath that provides the food which nourishes us.

Our Mission:

Awareness. Giving. Leading by Example.

LIFE by Kai isn’t just another millennial lifestyle brand. By offering simple everyday products featuring the most subtle to the most grand of sights found in the natural world, LIFE by Kai strives to foster consumers’ relationship with nature – and in doing so, bring to light our inherent responsibility to take care of the planet that gives us life.

Less talk, more action: 5% of proceeds from each product purchase will be donated to a charitable organization that benefits the inspiration for the product – no ifs, ands, or buts. For example, proceeds from our signature “Eucalyptus” tree bark collection will be donated to organizations dedicated to reforestation efforts.

True to our mission, LIFE by Kai only works with manufacturers that employ sustainable and ethical production processes and materials. All of our products are made in a studio in Canada where employees are paid fair wages and work regular hours – sweatshop free. By working with a manufacturer that sources locally, we help reduce our carbon footprint. Paper waste is recycled, and excess or imperfect items are donated to local shelters or re-purposed whenever possible.

Information about our cause partners and our charity selection criteria can be found on our Charitable Contributions page. 5% of proceeds from the purchase of each product will be donated to the Cause Partner for that specific product. Details about the Cause Partner and sustainability features for each product can be found on the product pages. We hope that you take the time to visit each Cause Partner’s website to learn more about the work they do. We wouldn’t be supporting them if we didn’t think you’d be a fan too!